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Questions and Answeres about Gotravelfix Club Membership Card.

Frequently Asked Questions


Gotravelfix Club is a membership-only travel club that is a division of Gotravelfix Travel Agency based on Sri Lanka. Three types of membership programs are available to the general public. The Silver card (entry level), Gold card (intermediate) and The Platinum card.

Gotravelfix Club Membership Cards

Enjoy the New way of making and treating your friends and families when it comes to travelling for fun and leisure. To access your membership! Beginning with March 2022, we will start the membership registration process and Members will receive a convenient, digital membership card.

Go travel Membership cards will be welcomed and honoured by all the reputed hotels across Sri Lanka, giving you a host of discounts and benefits where ever you go for travel. When ever you introduce your friends and colleagues to Go Travel Fix Club Membership System, and once they become an active member, you get points on your membership and you can redeem those on hotels rooms. The more friends you introduce to the system, the more points you will earn and apparently get benefit in booking hotels rooms. And you get upgraded to the next card level - progressing from Silver to Gold or Gold to Platinum accordingly will get you more benefits.

How will I know if I am a Gotravelfix's Club member?

When a member registered and membership number assigned Gotravelfix's Club status a welcome letter and new card will be sent out in the mail. The member's card number and account access will stay the same.

How Many Points I get for each friend Introduced to the Gotravelfix Club

For each successfully registered friend You get 500 points.

How do I Redeem Points on my card?

The free hotel room offers can be redeemed as cash.

How do I Track My Account?

The entire programme is tracked on the web and a mobile app (under development stage). The user can log into there, account and check for status like available points, offers taken, expiry date and some other useful information.

When can I get Hotel rooms for free?

Rooms are given on the basis of multiples of 5000 points. You can select Free Hotel rooms from the available options (hotels) by the time you completed each 5000 points you earn on the system, points will be deducted automatically and the balance will be shown on the system accordingly.

How do I book the rooms?

If you have four (04) family members, you can book two rooms at the same time, for 06 members, you can book three 03 rooms, etc.,

What is the validity of earned points.?

Points should be redeemed within 01 year, and what-ever remaining points will be discarded..

What other benefits I get form this club membership.?

Fascinating Discounts available at all hotels in Sri Lanka. When you book through Go Travel Fix. Main website. Also, members are entitled to special deals on foreign tours.

Can I manage my account online.?

Absolutely! The Gotravelfix Club allows you the ease and convenience of checking your account balance, updating your Member Profile, redeem your rewards and more online at You can also download our app for free (coming soon) in the App Store or Google Play, giving you all the same functionality available on the website.

How do I update the information on my card if it’s incorrect.?

We are happy to make the correction. Please contact Member and Guest Services at or +94 77 488 7979.

Will my card update when I renew my membership.?

Yes, your card will automatically update when your membership information changes, so you only need to enjoy your benefits!

How does the Gotravelfix's Club Birthday Reward work?

Gotravelfix's Club members will receive a 500 points as their Birthday rewards, redeemable along with the other points they have already. Birthday Rewards will be loaded onto the member's account on their birthday month and will expire within 01 Year.

When does the Gotravelfix Club membership expire?

Gotravelfix Club Membership expires one year from the month achieved; the expiration date is stated on their account. (Ex. If registered on April 30th, 2022, it will expire on 30/04/2023). If the member re-registered or renewed for Gotravelfix's Club status, he or she will continue with an updated expiration date. If the member does not re-register or renewed for Club Membership, a new Club replacement card will be mailed out to the member address. Also if the member has a balance of 5,000 points on their card, they can redeem that and renew the membership automatically. Prior to expiration reminders will be sent to the Member to re-new the membership.

I lost my password, how can I log in to my account?

A new, temporary password can be sent to the email registered to your account by using the forgot password form. Once you receive the new, temporary password, please log in to your account and update it.

I lost my username, how can I log in to my account?

Please contact us to assist you in retrieving your username at +94 77 488 7979.

If I have an issue with my account, is there someone I can contact to help me?

Once logged in to your account, most issues can be handled through the "My Account Summary" area. The quickest way to resolve an issue is to use the "New Account Inquiry" form. If you still require assistance, you can contact a customer service representative at +94 77 488 7979 or +94 113 654 654.

We look forward to sharing this new benefit with you. Thank you for being a member of the Gotravelfix Travel Agency! And learn more about this new benefit below.

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